St. Georges Day

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St. Georges Day

St Georges Day is the National Day for England, it is celebrated in different ways all around the country.

It is not only celebrated in England though it is celebrated in countries like Romania, Greece, Canada, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Cyprus, Russia

It is also celebrated in Spain in places like Aragon, Valencia and Majorca, but it is mostly celebrated in Catalonia.

If we look back to when this celebration started in the UK the first mentions of this event come from Durham Cathedral in the ninth century although it was in the early 15th century when it was celebrated as a national holiday.

The Cross of St George has been the symbol of England since those days and St George was even mentioned by Shakespeare in Harfleur.

In Caceres, Spain, one of the myths that are mostly believed and are included in many of the celebrations is the legend of St. George  slaying a dragon to save a princess, this legend is also widespread around Catalonia.

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