Star Wars Day

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Star Wars Day

One of the most iconic sci-fi sagas of all times, Star Wars has filled our homes with movies, cartoon series, comics, video games for practically every different game system on the market, memorabilia of all descriptions, and with an ever-growing number of fans of all ages.

This year Star Wars fans are more excited than ever due to all the information which is being leaked regarding Star Wars : Episode VII The Force Awakens, ever since it was announced we have had a huge amount of news from who would be the Director, accident like the one which Harrison Ford suffered during the filming and a huge amount of speculation as to what we will see in this new movie.

Obviously this expectation which Star Wars producers are receiving at the moment is a double sided knife as if the movie doesn’t meet expectations it could be a right washout but lets look on The Bright Side and hope it all works our really well.

Let the Force be With You !

The CET Services Team