The Magic of Science

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The Magic of Science
Science is in everyplace, in everything. Frequently, we can see science in every act we do, from simplest things to the more complex ones. We need it for everything. It is in the air, in the objects, in our brain… it is in the whole world and it is not a modern thing, nor has it existed since the beginning of the world because like we know, there are scientific theories which explain how the universe was created.

For these reasons science is essential in our lives. An important point is that we can use it to explain or try to explain many things, like why it rains, why islands exist, why it is possible to make machines such as computers or cars, what elements form objects, and a large number of things… This suggests science is like magic. It has been possible to create the actual society and everything it includes by simply using it. That´s why it is one of the most important points which has made possible for our world to be so developed in a wide variety of subjects.

Unfortunately, many students while they are studying at schools think that many things they learn in science subjects aren´t useful for them; however, everything we learn at school can be used in our future for the majority of things we will do, although we won´t study a science degree at university, since like I said before science is in everything. For example, when we are children we think that times tables wouldnÕt be useful and we wouldnÕt have to use them in anything. Contrary to this, times tables are indispensable in our life.

Also, many people are scared about science and think it is quite complex. But, thanks to it we are able, for example, to understand a lot of daily news because we have a basic knowledge which we have gotten at school.

So, my advice is to think about science and how we use it in our routines. This allows us to realise the importance of it, so that we understand its magic.

Daniella Avero Hern‡ndez (16)

Student at Colegio Casa Azul (Tenerife)