Canary Day

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Canary Day

On May 30, each year, the Canary Islands celebrate both their culture and the anniversary of the autonomous Canary Island Parliament´s first session, held on May 30, 1983. This public holiday is known as D’a de Canarias.

In the days before many schools hold extra classes about the Canary Islands history and culture and make shows in which the students dance and sing folklore songs with typical rhythms like the tajaraste, seguidilla or fol’a wearing local customs.

Lots of cultural activities and celebrations are arranged on the Day of the Canary Islands in every single city, town and village of the archipelago. Apart from the named dances and songs, Canary local sports are practised too. The most popular and famous are: lucha canaria, salto del pastor, lucha del palo and bola canaria.

There are also communal meals with tasting of traditional foods (papas arrugadas, mojo, bienmesabe, rapaduras, carajacas, gofio, etc.) and wine from the islands. You can also see cattle pulling some sort of sleighs and typical handcraft made by people who live in the Canaries.

Concerts featuring traditional music are one of the most common activities. In them youÕll surely hear the sound of the timple, a little “guitar” with five strings that measures 40 cm aprox.; the ch‡caras, a type of castanets much bigger than those use in Andalusia, or the tambor canario. Oh, and perhaps the bucio too, a big seashell that sounds when you blow in it.

Finally, if you go to La Gomera, youÕll hear and see and exhibition of the silbo gomero, that is, whistling: the way the people of this island still use to communicate. Did you know it has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by the Unesco?

Enjoy your Day of the Canary Islands!

David Pulido Suarez

Student at CET Services