Interview With Ulises Ortiz

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Interview With Ulises Ortiz

How did you start with orienteering?

It all began one day during a family barbecue up in the mountains, I was playing with my cousins when I started running, and got lost. I only remember that I was walking 4 or 5 hours in the woods until they found me, crying and desperate. And I think that was the trigger, since then I have thought of how not to get lost and started collecting maps and got interested in everything related to maps. When I was 18 years old I discovered orienteering thanks to Limonium Canarias that brought this sport to Gran Canaria, and since then it became my passion and lifestyle.

When did you start?

I started when I was 19 years old.

Which was your first race?

An orienteering race in Arucas organised by the Surveying Engineering School where I studied, obviously, I got lost, (the first of many times hehehe), but I had a lot of fun, and felt a feeling of adventure, adrenalin and motivation.

Which has been your best orienteering moment?

It would be difficult for me to only say one moment orienteering has given me so much, like knowing people, places, experiences Ive enjoyed a few Spanish championships and since 8 years ago Ive had the honour to lead the frontier of the sport both as a coach and regional coach. Orienteering has become a way of life for me, the run and think is addictive and has made my life revolve around the sport.

Where would you like to run an orienteering?

I´ve had the luck to practice orienteering in many places, but, if I could choose one place, I would not hesitate to visit Scandinavia, because it is the origin of the sport, and is lived in a special way there.

By Biggles Tollefors (Student at CET Services)

Member of The Tribs