Celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Teror

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Celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Teror

In the Catholic Church, the Sacred Heart devotion is referred to the physical heart of Jesus, as a symbol of divine love. Devotion to the Sacred Heart was originated in a mystical power centred in the person of Jesus Christ and His death on the cross, which conceived the vital centre and heart as an expression of His love for humanity.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a celebration that takes place the first Friday that follows the Corpus. This year 2015 is in June 12<th. The devotion of this feast is really felt in Teror (especially in the quarter known as Arbejales) where it was brought in the late XIX century. But it wasnÕt until the early 20th century when the priest Juan Gonz‡lez Hern‡ndez arrived and promoted worship on the icon of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Since then every year the people from this municipality create beautiful carpets with leaves, flowers, salt and pigments that decorate the streets. Afterwards, the religious procession goes across those streets.

The festival program runs until June 28 and its main day of celebration is on 21 June, with the solemn religious service and procession with the icon of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This year 2015, Arbejales celebrates a special anniversary: the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the church dedicated to this icon.

Apart from the religious services there will be many other events, such as sports ones or cattle shows.

June 12th is holiday in Teror, so visit it and have a nice day!

By David Pulido Suarez

Student at CET Services