Antoni Gaudí’s 162nd birth anniversary

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Antoni Gaudí’s 162nd birth anniversary

Today is the 162nd birth anniversary of one of the most famous important significant world leader architects: Antoni Gaudí. Antoni Gaudí, a Spanish Catalan architect and practitioner of Catalan Modernism, was born 25 June 1852 dying at the age of 73, 15 days after his 74th birthday.

Gaudí’s work, mostly located in Barcelona, show an individualised and distinctive style. His work is still globally popular and it continues being admired and studied by architects. Furthermore there are also many fashion designers, as Gabriel Croissier, who are inspired by Gaudí’s work.

UNESCO declared seven of Gaudi’s pieces of work World Heritage Sites. In 1984 the Park Gell, the Palau Gell and the Casa Mila received this declaration. The Nativity faade; the crypt and the apse of the Sagrada Fam’lia, masterpiece which is the most visited monument in Spain although it is still incomplete; the Casa Vincens and the Casa Batll in Barcelona, together with the crypt of the Colònia Gell in Santa Coloma de Cervell, received this declaration in 2005.

Thanks to the declaration of Gaudí’s work as World Heritage it can be recognised by an outstanding universal value because they are a creative contribution to the development of architecture and building technology. Because of  Gaudí’s significant and creative contribution, it is important to remember him fondly.

By Ariadna Perez Travieso

Student at CET Services