Gran Canaria Moda Cálida Starts thanks to Heineken

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Gran Canaria Moda C‡lida Starts thanks to Heineken

June is dressed up trendily thanks to the most important fashion event celebrated in The Canary Islands: The Swimwear Fashion Week by Gran Canaria Moda C‡lida. This event gathers, in a week full of glamour, several swimwear and fashion designers from the Canary Islands, from other parts of Spain, and from other countries like Colombia. In addition this event gathers people from the fashion world like fashion bloggers, influencers, personal shoppers, stylists, international fashion press, among others.

One of the main sponsors that make this event possible is Heineken. Every year Heineken opens this period of time, a week before the Swimwear Fashion Week, with a special event. During the Heineken event, the most consolidated designers of the Canary Islands show their designs for the Heineken beer bottle. Moreover, ÒThe New TalentsÓ, the newest designers who become part of the Swimwear Fashion Week, also show their designs but in a smaller Heineken bottle.

However, this year the event was focussed on The New Talents who showed their designs in a big Heineken beer bottle. The event was celebrated last Thursdays in the recently opened Heineken house called ÒThe HouseÓ in Vegueta in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The events gathers people form the fashion world of the islands and the main fashion media.

There, the event started with a press conference in which the Manager of Heineken opened the event and explained what the event this year was about. Then the Heineken bottles were shown and a luxury fashion show took place around the public. During the fashion show the special swimwear designs for Heineken, made by some of the designers from the Canary Islands were shown. The event finished with a luxury party with a modern cateringÕs food.

By Ariadna Perez Travieso

Correspondent at Gran Canaria moda Calida for the Canary Express

Student at CET Services