World UFO Day

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World UFO Day

ÒThe truth is out thereÓ. Do you remember Fox Mulder’s words, the special agent of the FBI, in the X-Files TV series? Well, this is exactly what UFO’s believers say and will probably repeat in the World UFO Day, celebrated July 2nd. But what is a UFO?

UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, that is an anomaly that takes place in the sky and doesn’t appear to be any known object or natural phenomena. The United States Air Force invented the name in 1953 to call like this any unexplained sighting. Despite many UFOs have a scientific explanation already, the truth is that many others remain a mystery that hasn’t been solved yet… Lots of people are convinced that those flying objects come from outer space, from others planets, from other civilisations and that they’ve been visiting us for millions of years. Others think that UFOs come from unknown dimensions and even that the visitors are nothing but humans that travel from the future to our present day.

Do governments really know what’s happening? If they know it, why donÕt they release information? If UFOs and therefore aliens exist… are they peaceful or hostile?

While these questions wait for an answer, many people all over the world enjoy the World UFO Day as a party because the point of is to celebrate the existence of UFO’s and extraterrestrial life. And how can you do it? Quite easily! Let’s share some ideas. Watch the sky with your friends and spot strange objects flying around, talk with them (your friends) about famous sightings and recent disclosures, share knowledge which proofs that UFOs exist, create or wear alien t-shirts, visit famous places where UFOs have appeared and look for any trace.

Finally, the <em>question. Are we alone in the universe? Who knows All in all we agree with the last words of the character of Jodie Foster in the film Contact. ÒIf we were alone, how much wasted space!Ó.

By David Pulido Suarez

Student at CET Services