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Does everybody know what anorexia means? People think yes but thatÕs not true. Only people who have experienced this disease know how it really is, I refer to the people who have been anorexic and also to the people related with it because of their jobs or because they are relatives of that person.

Anorexia is not unusual; nowadays there are more anorexic people than before. The ones who suffer it are mostly teenage girls. They want to be thinner, so they start doing diets. Then, if they donÕt see quick changes they start to not eat some meals or to reduce very much the amount of food. When they lose weight they are like in a moon honey because they realise their body changes. After that they continue with their Òspecial dietsÓ and get obsess with their bodies so far to the point that they look a wrong image of themselves, they are so obsessed that think they are fat. That´s why they make changes in their food habits, so they lose a lot of kilos while thinking that is not enough.

This produces a large range of consequences. Anorexic people change their minds and their personalities and try to be as better as possible in different ways of life: in studies, at home Also they close themselves because they know that social life will be bad for them, social life is related with going out with people and have lunch or have dinner and they know they are not able to eat with other people because of different causes. And of course the physical consequences: they get too thin, their body don´t have enough energy so they stop their growth and girls can lose menstruation, hair get weak

For these people food becomes a problem. It produces fear and it can be compared for the rest humans as the imaginative situation where you are swimming in the ocean and you see a big shark is coming to you. Their lives turn around food and their bodies, food and their weight as well and it never stops.

There is not only one possible cause that produces anorexia between people, but there are facts that help to its appearance: the actual world where we are used to see perfect models who we want to be like, problems when we were young, molest comments of people around us… Anyway, it depends on the person.

Can anorexic people overcome anorexia? It can be possible but these persons will always be anorexic, although they had tried too hard to be like normal people, this disease will stay for the rest of their life. They will always control in their minds what they have eaten automatic. But with a hard effort they are able to be as good as possible and to learn again how to eat.

An important advice that always doctors say is to tell to their parents or another adult if you suppose somebody may has food problems before it would be too late. We must be aware of the importance of this disease and of its consequences.

Daniella Avero Hern‡ndez (16)

Student at Colegio Casa Azul (Tenerife)