Divorced Parents

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Divorced Parents
There are currently a large number of divorced couples in the world. So, there are also a lot of children whose parents are divorced. How does this fact affect these children?

Usually, children whose parents are divorced have problems. These problems are very different and depend on the person. Some children have problems with their self-esteem because they think they are not as important for them as before, they think they have lost the love of one of their parents or they think they are like a problem for them.

Another problem is when a child has to live with the new partner of one of his parents. Usually they donÕt feel very comfortable living with a stranger because it´s too difficult to fill the space of the other relative. It«s difficult but not impossible, as many times the new person will be better in their life than their real father or mother.

Anyway, the majority of them can have different problems in their life but there are also children who don´t have any problem; they know how to live in good conditions their life in a different way. As I said before, it depends on the person. After a separation there are different types of parents for me, the common types are: the ones who try to be friends and try to have a similar life with their child than before talking with him or her; the ones who try to do it without speaking with the child so maybe he or she is feeling uncomfortable with the situation; the ones who cannot put up with each other, so the child is in the middle of the couple; or the couples where one of them forgets they had a family so their child will never have his mother or father again.

In my opinion, every problem that children with divorced parents can have is caused by instability. Everybody needs stability when they are younger to make up their life, personality. And that fact makes many times changes in children´s life.

However, I believe that in many cases it is the better option for parents to get divorced and also for their children. Since it can be worse to live together having discussions almost every day without paying attention to what their child really needs. ThatÕs why I think that getting divorced can have good and bad things. Bad things: some problems that children can have; good things: in many cases it helps a family to be happy everyone and not to live together as an obligation, simulating they are a ÒperfectÓ family when they are not.

Daniella Avero Hern‡ndez (16)

Student at Colegio Casa Azul (Tenerife)
19 julio, 2015