Beatriz Potters Birthday

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Beatriz Potters Birthday
Beatrix Potter (28 July 1866- 22 December 1943) was a children´s author and illustrator known for her imaginative childrenÕs books featuring animals such as those in her most famous one: The Tale of Peter Rabbit. PotterÕs artistic and literary interests were influenced by fairies, fairy tales and fantasy. She loved fairy tales from Western Europe, the Grimm Brothers and Christian Andersen, as well as stories from the Old Testament. She grew up with <em>Aesop´s Fables, folk tales and mythology of Scotland, but also with the German Romantics, Shakespeare and the writings of Sir Walter Scott.

On 2 October 1902. The Tale of Peter Rabbit was published and was a success. Next year was <em>The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin and afterwards The Tailor of Gloucester. Potter published two or three books every year: 23 books in all. Some of the titles are: The Tale of Two Bad Mice, The Tale of Tom Kitten, The Tale of Mr. Tod, etc. She continued writing until after the First World War, when her energies were directed toward her farming, sheep-breeding and land conservation.

Our writer was not only this, she was also a brilliant illustrator, a natural scientist and a conservationist. When she began illustrating she chose first the traditional rhymes and stories such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Red Riding Hood. But most often her illustrations were fantasies featuring her own pets: mice, rabbits, kittens, and guinea pigs.

As a conservationist she supported the efforts of the National Trust to preserve not just the places of extraordinary beauty but also those heads of valleys and low grazing lands that would be irreparably ruined by development. She restored and preserved the farms that she bought or managed, making sure that each farm house had in it a piece of antique Lakeland furniture. Potter was interested in preserving not only the Hardwick sheep but also the way of life of fell farming.

Why not celebrate her birthday reading one of her books…?

By David Pœlido Sœarez

Student at CET Services
28 julio, 2015