International Day of Friendship

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International Day of Friendship
As we all know there are international days for almost everything, and thatÕs good because some things need to be remembered (at least once a year). Though friendship is supposed to be one of those things that you have constantly present, it has its international day too and it´s celebrated on July 30 since 2011. It was the UN who proclaimed it with the idea that friendship between people, countries and cultures can inspire peace and help building bridges between communities. On the other hand, the UN wanted to involve young people in activities that include international understanding and respect for the diversity.

Nevertheless, it wasnÕt the UN who invented this international day. In fact, we can say that it had two birth dates: 1930 and 1958. In the first case, it was called Friendship Day and it was the idea of Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards. The Greeting Card National Association supported the initiative. Are you thinking it was a commercial gimmick? YouÕre right

Later, in 1958, in Paraguay, Artemio Brancho proposed the idea of a World Friendship Day during a dinner with his friends. The World Friendship Crusade was born then and has become a foundation that promotes friendship and fellowship among all human beings, regardless of colour, race or religion. Not in vain, this international day has lots of followers in South America, especially in Paraguay.

Despite there´s an official date for this, not all countries in the world have chosen July 30. India, for example, celebrates it the first Sunday of August. There are places like Ohio that have decided that 8 April is the day for their friends.

Anyway, in the International Day of Friendship people in many countries give a present to their best friends, and the most traditional gift is a bracelet as symbol of your friendship.

But remember to take care of your friends… every single day of the year!

By David Pulido Suarez

Student at CET Services
30 julio, 2015