J.K. Rowlings Birthday

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J.K. Rowlings Birthday
Joanne Rowling (31 July 1965- ) is a famous British writer and film producer. She became one of the most famous British writers in June of 1997 when she finished her first book Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the first in a collection of seven books which talk about the adventures of Harry Potter, a magician child who has a feared and dangerous enemy, Lord Voldemort. This book was written in 1990 while J.K Rowling was traveling in a train to London. This collection had a very highly appreciated worldwide, with over 450 million copies sold. After that, in 2001, the first film of Harry Potter was released in cinemas.

She is a well-known woman around the world because she became billionaire in only five years, and she has also won a lot of awards like the Principe de Asturias Award or the Hans Christian Andersen Award. Apart from that, she is used to collaborate in different NGO to help people and she is the foundress of two charities, Volant and Lumos.

Rowling has always written with a pseudonym, J.K Rowling. The “K” honors her grandmother, Kathleen, and it was a petition of her editor because he thought that a woman’s name wasn’t appreciated by male readers. She has also written several books with the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

The author has been married twice, but her first marriage finished in 1992, and now she lives with her second husband and her three children.

By Lucia Yanez Arencibia

Student at CET Services
31 julio, 2015