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One of the best things of being on holiday is to travel. To meet the world; the different types of people, places,cultures, traditions, educations, fashions You can discover all this, simply travelling. The incredible sensation when you are going to start a trip is exciting, since you know it´s going to be an opportunity to learn new things and enjoy a different place that the one you are used to be in.

The last trip I did was to the Cotswolds. It is an area in the south of England where you can visit different towns and villages, the majority of them incredible. This part of England is very different to other important English cities like the capital city, London. The villages are in general little but with a great charm.

Some of these places are: Bibury, the most beautiful village of Cotswolds; Stratford-Upon-Avon, where Shakespeare was born; Gloucester, where there is a cathedral known because some parts of the Harry Potter films where recorded there, it was Hogwarts School; Broadway, with beautiful houses and shops; Stow-on-the-Wold, whose houses are really nice, like its streets; Bourton-on-the-Water, a little Venice… And many more, which show a special magic that people love.

In addition, something that surprised me was that every street in the villages was so clean in spite of there being a lot of people who had dogs as a pet; there were no faeces of these animals. One of the causes is that it is warned in the streets that if you donÕt pick up you petÕs faeces, you must pay a fine of around 1000-1500 pounds. And another cause that I realised was that English people are very responsible with their dogs and they educate them very well, since at night, even though there were many houses in the village I stayed in where a lot of people had dogs, they didnÕt make any sound; also, during the day every dog had a leash while its owner was walking them around the streets.

Another thing that impressed me was that almost every public toilet were I entered in England was very clean, and the modern installations were in good conditions. It shows people in this area conscientiously respect this type of public spaces. Also, in almost every village and town there was a public toilet in the centre, so that makes it easy for tourists to make long visits without stopping many times to look for a toilet, for example.

To sum up, you can have a good time visiting this area of England and enjoy the views easily. Its charm is amazing!

Actually, it has been a great trip for me. England never stops to surprise me.

Daniella Avero Hern‡ndez (16)

Student at Colegio Casa Azul (Tenerife)
16 agosto, 2015