Dia del Pino Teror

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Dia del Pino Teror
According to the legend, the Virgen del Pino appeared during the conquest of Gran Canaria on the 8 September 1481. Her figure was at the top of a big pine ( 11,75 m in height and 6,72 in circumference) which was in the current church of Teror. She was above a stone pedestal with footprints (but only the people who went to the top of the pine saw it). After that, in 1914, the Virgen del Pino was declared principal patroness of the Canarian diocese Pope Pius X.

In the XVI century, her figure was carried to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for ask for rain for the crops. Since that moment, each September The fiestas del Pino have been celebrated in the village of Teror.

On the 5th September, the virgin descends from her dressing room to see the parties. Two days later the offering romeria is celebrated, with the collaboration of all the municipalities of Gran Canaria, whose floats are full of food for the poor. There is music and dances, but there is also another custom. That night thousands of people usually walk from Las Palmas to Teror doing a peregrination to ask the virgin for help while they sing, play music, talk with their friends and eat. Before, this custom was different, the peregrines used to walk in silence and kneeling. The 8th September is the official day of the parties. A mass is given by the bishop of the Canarian diocese and after that there is a parade of politicians, military, followers, etc. Some days later the Day of the Marias is celebrated, a party to honour the virgin and there are fireworks.

The village of Teror is in party all the month, every day there are many activities to entertain people: there are concerts, circus performances, conferences, activities for children, processions, sport activities, etc.

Ay Teror how cute it is, how beautiful is the Virgin on top of her altar! (typical song of this party)

By Lucia Yanez Arencibia

Student at CET Services

Neighbour of Teror
8 septiembre, 2015