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Everybody continually makes changes in their life, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. It is often heard that somebody says: ÒThis Monday IÕm going toÓ change something in their life. Normally, using little supports which stimulate them to start like Mondays, the first day of a year, the overcoming of a bad period… Anyway, we all make changes.

We naturally do this because the majority of people want to improve, to try new things, to delete something in their life which they don´t feel right, to break with the monotony- From a change of look (for example, a haircut), to more important things like trying to change something of your character that you know is not going well; effort so much to get better marks; get divorced to live better.

The simplest ones are normally because we want something new in our life, for example a cut of hair. With it you will feel different, surely more confident about yourself, with more attitudes to start a new period in your life like the start of a school year, the start of a year (In the case you like the result of what the hairdresser has done, of course).

On the other part, the most important ones are because of different causes that depend on the person. Maybe because he/she has realised that there is something in their life that is not going well or can be better. For example, when somebody overcomes a serious disease is more positive with the life and changes many things that allow him to enjoy completely his environment being conscious of what he has or what he could have and does not have because of silly things, like social prejudices.

Changes are generally good and we cannot be scared of them because in many cases they are necessary, if not we will forever stay living in the same place living in the same way as before over and over again. Who doesnÕt want to get a promotion or be more prepared in what he is doing? In young people an example of this is related with studies; many young people want to study degrees or post degrees out of their city, maybe further, in another country to learn new languages, to go to better universities… Some parents are scared about it, they think their children are going to be better with them but they have to understand that is going to be the first big change they are going to do to be more prepared in what they want to be in the future. This implies a change in many people´s life, not only in the youngest.

However, insecurity is a big obstacle in this topic. I don´t believe that insecure people exist; I think that in a life of a person there are some times when they have more insecurity than in others. But actually, everybody goes on times where insecurity is like a big lorry crushing you which doesnÕt let you be sure of what you want to do and say. In these times it could be perfect to know the solution to get away from this lorry, but I´m sure everybody is stronger than that lorry after a period of time with support or sometimes just alone.

Anyway, normally changes bring us a better way to live. Like the famous sentence says: ÒNo pain no gainÓ.

Everybody can improve. Make the change!

Daniella Avero Hern‡ndez (16)

Student at Colegio Casa Azul (Tenerife)

12 septiembre, 2015