The Power of the Cinema

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The Power of the Cinema

Cinema´s first appearance was on December 28th, 1895 in Paris, France, thanks to the Lumière brothers. It caused a big commotion among people, it was a success. This novelty quickly became a frequent destination for those who wanted to have a nice time.

After 120 years, cinemas are frequented by a lot of people. They have changed from the first ones, since the population progressed over the years and the rest of the world with it. So, the actual cinema is more modern; for example, now you can go to 3D movies where you watch the film like if you were really watching the scenes in front of you.

However, cinema´s sense has not changed. People went to these places to enjoy and have a nice time in their free time. The same happens now; people go there mostly for pleasure. The power of cinema makes it possible to evade you from the reality. While you are watching a film, you get into the story and forget the rest of the world. So, after 2 hours more or less being at the cinema, you will come out more relaxed than before.

Another positive point is the work that your mind does, result of good films. If you watch a good movie, your mind unconsciously does this, since while watching it you will be trying to understand every detail and the sense of it. Every film has its own message and you only have to pay attention to everything in those 2 hours to get it. So, it makes possible to learn many things just going to the cinema. It can take you back to the past and remember you something historic you have lived; it can show you the supposed future; it can show you the present just like it truly is …

All these things have an important paper in people´s emotions. The Cinema is able to change your feelings many times in just one film. Many of them make you laugh so much; others make you cry… But all of them show you something new. Who has not lived experiences that have reminded you of a film or who have not watched a film and checked how authentic with reality it can be?

In conclusion, the cinema has a special power and usually before going there. Just think how you feel before going to watch a movie you have been waiting so much for its premiere…

Daniella Avero Hernández (16)

Student at Colegio Casa Azul (Tenerife)