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What is the obsolescence? Obsolescence is set to the end of the lifetime of a product. Appliances, mobile phone, computers are made to spoilage after a few years. But, why exist this? In my opinion, there are a lot of factories that need it to can buy more each year, because if they produce a product which never breaks, their sales little by little would be lower.


This is a controversial situation because in a society where the citizen searches for perfection and has a lot of facilities to get it, there is a parallel situation where companies have a lot of technological means to make a perfect product. Nevertheless, they work to find the imperfections that their products have in order to determine its useful life because if they had made a perfect product they would sell these products just once, and this is not possible in a consumerist world where each month companies bring an improved product to the market.

Now, I am studying engineering and when I think in making something I try to be perfect. Because when I decided to study engineering I thought that in this career people work to improve things. But, obsolescence goes against the principles of an engineer. This makes me think that it all comes down to earning money and that all branches of science are converted into a business.


By África Marrero del Rosario

Student at CET Services