How can I choose the best Smartphone for me?

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How can I choose the best Smartphone for me?  
To choose your best smartphone, you need to have clear ideas, the reason that you want a specific phone, if you need more gigabytes of RAM memory, more speed, or a better camera than other ones. But I think that a very important detail is the memory, minimum 16 GB and preferably with capacity for a SD Card.

For example, if you only need WhatsApp, my recommendation is a cheap smartphone, because you don’t need a lot of power. If you want something better, with a good screen of 1080p. (the quality) or even 2K (there are few phones which include that quality, and they often have problems with the battery), a good camera or the best performance. All of this characteristics influence in the price, more or less expensive. But there is a market of smartphones characterized by low prices in good smartphones. One of these brands is One Plus, last year they launched the One Plus One, which was the “flashkiller” of the year because it was a really good smartphone, but what stood out was the mid-range price. Other brands can be Meizu, Xiaomi or Honor. In my opinion the only downside is the purchase method, which should be online, so some worry the topic of warranty, but honestly I think it is so worth it.

In summary, choosing a smartphone needs time, but the result will be satisfactory.


By Sergio Hernández

Student at CET Services