Ruta Doramas

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Last week the “Ruta Doramas” was held, the Ruta Doramas is a race from the Canary championship of running in the mountains.

In the race there are 800 participants for three modalities ( 37km , 17km and 14 km for walkers)

The race is celebrated every year in Firgas which is a village of Arucas in Gran canaria.

The race began at 8 o’clock for the runners of the long race,  more or less they finished the race in 5 hours. Then, the other modalities began the race at the same time, at 10 o’clock, they finished in 2 hours.

In this race , participated people from over the world, for example ,the runner who ended the race in the second position has run in Tokyo because he is from Japan.

By Álvaro Suárez Pérez

Student at CET Services