Education or Lack of Education?

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Education or Lack of Education?

     One of the most important things in a country is education. Education is what we learn since we are children, so it is what creates an important part of our life and provides us with a large amount of knowledge and for that, culture. That´s why it should have the highest level and be considered more remarkable than it is to create well-prepared citizens.

Education is basic in people´s life, so considering it another topic is not correct in my opinion. It´s necessary to give it a higher importance as it needs. Nowadays, it´s organized by politicians, what I think is wrong because this fact causes it to suffer modifications during years with almost each change in politics positions. Every modification, adjustment, spending cuts… we do in the present, will have their consequences in the future.

So, from my point of view it should be organised by someone more significant and secure than just the political party which is in the power, since people need to have a constant education that provides us with wisdom and a complete formation with a great education system.

All this will have positive consequences and will favour everybody. With great formed people the country will be also better, as the decisions will come from the agreement of the population to lead with other topics of a country tanks to a democracy, for example.

To sum up, education needs to have more importance in our country than what it has at this moment and improve people´s life just forming us with a high level. So, what we have right now is an education or a lack of education?

Daniella Avero Hernández (16)

Student at Colegio Casa Azul (Tenerife)