Second edition Pequeño Valiente Race.

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Second edition Pequeño Valiente Race.


800 people ran this solidary race last Sunday. The race was celebrated in Plaza Perez Galdós in Las Palmas. The money that they raised went to families that have kids with cancer.


The competition had a race for the children with 3 categories from 5 to 14 years old, and it was divided into girls and boys. Then from the age of 15 you could run the race for adults, with two different distances, 4 km and 8 km.


Every lap was 2 kilometers long and you ran in the Triana district. The environment was very nice, and the weather was perfect. The trophies were very big.


The Tribs sold T-shirts and bracelets for the Pequeño Valiente association  and it was in all very successful.


My Marlon Tollefors

Member of The Tribs

Student at CET Services