35th Edition of The Canary Express

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35th Edition of The Canary Express

The Canary Express was born 3 years ago as a project so students who are studying English could practice not only their reading in English but could also practice writing in an environment outside the  typical classroom routine.

Now we are on the 35th edition of The Canary Express and we have increased the different sections to cover the diversity of topics, we currently have 16 sections with a variety of themes where students can read and write articles covering all tastes and styles.

In this period we have accumulated more than 300 articles written by students of primary, secondary, high school, college and adults, some students from our centre and other students from other schools and colleges throughout the Spanish geography.

We hope to continue growing so we encourage you to participate and not miss the opportunity to participate in this project that allows you to improve your English as well as offers you the chance to see your work on such an important media as this.
What are you waiting for? start typing and send us your article.

Join The Canary Express family.

Keith Appleby (Chief Editor)