Christmas tree

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Christmas tree


The tradition of a Christmas tree is about 500 years old and is originally from Bavaria in Germany.


In the past, it was decorated with edible things – like cookies and nuts. When Christmas was over children ate up the decorations that were left.


The first Swedish Christmas tree is thought to have been reported in the 1740s but then it took many years before the tradition spread from the mansions to the common people.


Outdoor Christmas trees decorated with Christmas lights became common in the inter-war period.


Nowadays people usually buy plastic trees and use many lights in different colours. Decorations can be balls of various colours, things like hearts, flags, and small Santa Claus figures. The top of the tree is normally decorated with a star and symbolizes the star Bethlehem. It is also a tradition to put the Christmas presents under the tree.


By Marlon Tollefors

Student at CET Services