Christmas traditions

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Christmas traditions

Christmas is a very special party to be with family and friends, it’s also full of many different traditions around the world. But, what is their origin? What is our history about Christmas?

Firstly, during Christmas we usually send many Christmas cards with a message of hope and happiness to our friends and family. They were invented by Sir Henry Cole in 1843, who asked his painter friend John Calcott Horsley for a drawing of a Christmas scene. The scene was a family remembering their dead friends and family. After that, Christmas cards have been sent until our days.

Secondly, in many countries like Spain the tradition of The Magic Kings exists, three men who every 5th January during the night drop in our houses leaving presents for the children on their camels. Their origin comes from The New Testament in the Bible. History says that they were three men from Orient who were looking for Jesus in his birth, offering him presents like gold, but the evil Herodes told them a lie with the aim of killing Jesus, despite of this an angel appeared in their way and told them the truth, so they could love Jesus without being afraid of Herodes. After a while, the tradition has been changed several times until our main tradition. Children love them and their magic night.

On the other hand, in Spain and other countries of South America, there is a tradition of eating twelve grapes on New Year’s Eve during peals. This Spanish tradition comes from the idea of the middle-class people to imitate the custom of rich people of eating grapes and drinking champagne during that night, so they decided to go to La Puerta del Sol to eat them.

Finally, there is a famous tradition of decorating a Christmas tree and putting presents under the tree, and this custom becomes from Germany in the 8th century. Saint Bonifacio was talking with the Germans on Christmas Day trying to convince them that the oak wasn’t divine, so he cut the tree down, and it broke down into a lot of trees, which was considered a miracle by Saint Bonifacio, and since that day Germans started to decorate them and many countries imitated this situation.


To conclude, every tradition has its origin and its history, and we have been following them through generations and changed them for our wishes.


By Lucia Yanez Arencibia

Student at CET Services