24 hours run Parque Romano

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24 hours run is a race in a park called Parque Romano in Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria.

It consist in doing the most laps you can in Parque Romano in 24 hours, each lap has 1km.

You can do it in team or individual. If you do it in team it has to be minimum 6 persons and maximum 12, there are three categories: mixto (its mixed with men and women, minimum 3 women), women (all of the team has to be women), men (all of them has to be men)

The first edition was the 27-28 of June 2015, the Tribs had a team called tribs and friends that did 293 kilometers

The second edition will be the 21-22 of May 2016, the Tribs will have a team this year too.

Marlon Tollefors

Student at CET Services