Pets at home, a good idea or a nightmare?

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Nowadays there are a lot of families who have a pet and most children ask their parents for a little dog or a multicolour fish. For instance, in Europe 33% of pets are cats, 28% dogs, 19% birds,10,4% little mammals like rodents,4,6% fishes and 3,8% reptiles, among other species. However, a pet isn’t a toy and it is necessary to be responsible with animals, thus it’s a good idea to have pets at home, especially with children?

On the one hand, having a pet has a lot of advantages. They improve your heart health, as many scientists and investigators have discovered. Moreover, they reduce loneliness, they may not talk with you, but you will always know that you are not alone. Furthermore, if you have to walk your pet, is a good opportunity to do sport, talk with other people and get relaxed. In addition, we learn to be more responsible because we have to look after our pets, so it’s an excellent way to teach children what responsibility is, and they will also learn how to respect animals and nature. What’s more, after spending some time playing and laughing with your pet, your body releases oxytocin, which reduces stress and depression. Besides this, some investigations have discovered that living with pets since an early age can help improve our immune system. Last but not least, they improve important values in the family like cooperation and communication.

On the other hand, they may cause some problems. They need a lot of time and attention, the house will need to be cleaned with more frequency, it’s necessary to walk some pets and they have to eat special food. Moreover, before going on holidays we have to think about who is going to look after our pets for those days, because they cannot be alone at home. Besides, if we have a pet, we will have to spend more money, so if we haven’t a good economic situation it may not be a good idea.

To conclude, if you have thought about all these possible disadvantages and you accepted them, there isn’t any best idea that having a pet that brings love and laughs.

“Give your love to a pet is like giving your love to a little part of the world”


By Lucia Yanez Arencibia

Student at CET Services