Noah Webster

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Noah Webster (1758-1843) was born in West Hartford. He was a lexicographer, editor, politician and American book writer. He was considered the father of schooling and education in that country. His first books helped five generations of students to learn in the United States, and there, his surname became synonymous to dictionary after he compiled the first American dictionaries of the English language after publishing “An American Dictionary of the English Language in 1828”.

Webster was instrumental in giving American English a dignity and vitality of its own. Both his speller and dictionary reflected his principle that spelling, grammar, and usage should be based upon the living, spoken language rather than on artificial rules.

Webster changed the spelling of many words in his dictionaries in an attempt to make them more phonetic. Many of the differences between American English and other English variants which are evident today originated this way.

He was a very famed man and nowadays he is remembered because everybody knows his publishing of the dictionary. People think that he is one of the most important men in the United State.

From my point of view, I think that he is important but there are many people who are more important than him for example Mahatma Ghandi who was a very important man because he fought for the rights of black people he also wanted violence to stop and he talked with everybody in India.

Carla Pérez Sosa

Student at CET Services