A dream or a nightmare ?

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One night I was in my house, it was the night of Halloween and my friends came to knock on the door, I opened the door and they scared me. They asked me if I would go with them to the cemetery and answered them. I dressed up and went with them to the cemetery. In the cemetery we saw a hand and we though it was a decoration but really the hand was with a zombie. When we realized it was too late.

Miguel (12)

We ran and ran but the zombie followed us all the time, this was a very good Halloween party.

We arrived to Tom’s house, one of my friend’s Tom’s mother listened and laughed and quickly opened the door, we entered and said to his mother what had happened to us and she thought we were joking with her.

Lara was crying but Tom’s mother didn’t realize, when she saw Lara go out to see what was happening she opened the door and saw a lot of zombies and skeletons doing a party in her garden. She thought that is was a dream but it was real.

Tom’s mother called all the parents to tell them what had happened.

When all the parents arrived at Tom’s house all the zombies became skeletons and kidnapped all the parents and the children were alone, all were crying.

Anali (13)

Then the skeletons went to catch all the children. They started running and they went out of the garden. The skeletons caught Lara, and Tom went to save her. He broke the skeleton’s arms and Lara and he started to run with the other children.

María (15)

When they thought that they were alone they stopped running and they realized that they were lost in the middle of the forest. Suddenly they heard a strange sound.

Cristina (15)

And it was a little rabbit, it started speaking “Do you need help?” Suddenly, the children started crying, but the little rabbit said : “Don’t be afraid, I’m going to take you home”, “Follow me” and the children followed it.

Cristin (13)

While they were running, a girl broke her leg and she fell, the other children stopped and they helped her.

When they arrived and they were safe, the girl woke up.

Linda (15)