A Nice Dream

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I will tell you a story that happened the last year. It was 31st October and my friends and I went to the cemetery at twelve o’clock to tell horrible stories.


Everybody was scared because the cemetery was dark and we only listened to the winter, leaves falling and the sound of the old owl.


We thought we were alone but we heard a strong noise and the tombs were broken. One thousand pumpkins fell from the sky and one thousand zombies walked because they needed our blood to come back to life.


My friends and I ran very fast to the door and we saw a very strong light.


“It’s the police”


one of my friends said and another said :


“Yes, I can see the helicopter”


The police took us and they called our parents. My parents were very angry and they hit me. I was worried because I saw a girls all the days to my bed. Her name is Emily !


P.D. This story is a dream. Bye Bye!


Aday, 11