All Hallow’s Eve

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Halloween is one of the most expected nights of the year , for children but also for adults. This festival is known as the Night of the Dead or All Hallow’s Eve too and it is celebrated each year in many countries. It is feasted on October 31st, specifically, the night between that day and November 1st.

Its origin was in the ancient Celts who used the day to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of Winter but the real provenience of Halloween came because they believed that this transition was a bridge to the world of the dead.

Over the years , it has spread worldwide although there are nations that have more custom than others like : United States , United Kingdom or Ireland.

The most famous tradition of All Hallow’s Eve is the following sentence : “Trick or Treat?” Everybody has probably heard this but not all of them know the consequences of each one. If you answer the first one , you will have to give them sweets or candies, but if you say “Trick” , they will play a prank on you.

It is a tradition that has evolved so much over time and that can be a reason why it is so popular because each person can celebrate it the way they want , going to parties , going door to door or maybe staying at home and watching horror movies.

By Carla Candelaria

Student at CET Services