Scary Birthday Party

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One day three children were playing in the park. Their names were : Javier, Christina and Pablo. All the Halloween days they organized a party at Pablo’s house. But that Halloween was different because Pablo’s grandmother had died, so they decided to do it in another house. When the party was starting the three friends were receiving guests. But suddenly, the door started to move and they three started hearing strange sounds. They started to search in all Javier’s house and they saw a ghost in the bedroom, the ghost had long hair and was very beautiful. When they started speaking with it, it disappeared. Later they went again to the living room. Bur there was only the coat. When they started looking or someone. All the lights turned off and all the people of the city started singing “Happy Birthday”. They were very surprised. Finally, they remembered that Halloween was also Christina’s birthday. The family told them that the ghost was a joke. At the end of the day they were exhausted, but they started laughing.

By Maria Qiu, 11