Strange Happenings in Saint Peter’s Cemetery

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The day before Halloween China and her friends Africa and Ethan went to a party in their friend’s house, they had a great time, but China, Africa and Ethan got drunk. When they were going home Africa got the idea of going to Saint Peter’s cemetery. China and Africa agreed so they were going on the way when …


Silvia, 16


Suddenly a girl with a witch costume appeared but they didn’t know she was a real witch that was there to warn them of not going to Saint Peter’s Cemetery. They ran away scared and the witch appeared again with a boy and they advised them again to not go to the Cemetery. A few minutes later they arrived there and …


Ainhoa, 15


When they arrived they could see a lot of tombs but one of them was open. They were walking because they hadn’t seen it and china said “Look there, it is open” They ran very fast to go out but the witch was in the exit and they shouted. She laughed “jajaja” you won’t go out” so they began to cry, and the witch caught them …


Carla, 17


But suddenly, Africa thought she was dreaming, so she was sure all of it was an illusion “hey guys, are we really going to believe this impostor ? Don’t you realize she’s lying ?” she said “Yes, it could be …, we have drunk too much alcohol, and we’re imagining things …” Ethan said, bit the witch was more and more furious.


Maria, 18


The teens were sure that everything was happening in their minds, so they didn’t realize that the witch was getting very furious since Bona arrived, the only one that hadn’t drunk alcohol, and shouted “run!, the witch will cast a spell on your minds and you won’t be the same people!” so the witch did it …


Laura, 17


In a blink of an eye, they weren’t the same people ! Their bodies had been changed :


Africa was Ethan

Ethan was Bona

Bona was china

And China was Africa


They were very afraid, they thought they were under the influence of alcohol, but they really weren’t. Everything was true.


Ariadna, 21


After this, the four children decided to visit a with that can delete the exchange, but the with only gave them a potion that they supposed that change the things.


Suddenly Africa and Ethan saw that they have exchanged this body, but, and the other two.


Daniel, 17


The other two didn’t change. Bona was still China, and China was still Bona. This was because the second potion hadn’t got enough energy to change the bodies. They asked the witch for another potion, but she told them that she hadn’t more. So they decided to go where the witch who changed their bodies was.


Manex, 16


When they reached the place, the witch wasn’t there, so the boys decided to look for the potion, next to a table, there was a small jar with a greenish colou, the boys decided to try it, the first one was China in Ethan’s body … Her face went blank, she didn’t answer to the guys questions, Ethan’s body with Chins inside dies.


So now there are 3 boys, and 1 that won’t ever recover his body.


Alejandro, 16


At this moment the children were really scared and Ethan the most, who knew that nothing was going to be the same. He tried to calm himself down while he was leaning on the wall, when suddenly he touched a button by accident and opened a secret door in one of the crypts of the cemetery.


Ángel, 16


Everybody was surprised so Bona decided to look inside the crypt to investigate. She turned on her mobile phone to use it like a torch and started to go down the stairs. Her friends were shocking, however, they decided to follow her, but when they arrived to a secret room, they discovered the witch’s house …


Adriana, 15

The house of the witch was in the middle of a lake. They decided to go to it so they got on a boat and went to it, when they arrived to the house another spell that changed them into the other gender so in that moment Ethan was a girl and Bona and Africa were boys. The spell did that each one fell in love with each other …


Samuel, 16


After a few seconds, they were absolutely astonished and for this reason the witch appeared once again. At this situation, she pronounced the following words : “If you want to undo the spell, you have to go to my Terror House”. So all these friends …


Álvaro, 18


Once they were at the witch’s Terror House, they turned back into themselves again, finally! They all were very happy and for a moment they forgot that they were in the Terror House, and the witch was by their side, trying to scare them …


Darjallah, 18


When they were at the Witch’s Terror House, they hopes that all was back to normal, but when they wanted to escape, the witch appeared again, but now they couldn’t escape, so they spend the night with her at the house.


María, 19


To be continued …