The Ghost

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On Halloween day, Harry and his best friend Robert were in the shopping center to buy a costume, in the shopping centre Harry saw a shop, a shop that we never saw, the shop was black, it was scary, we entered and Harry saw a ghost costume but what he didn’t know was that the costume was enchanted and Robert bought a costume of a vampire. In that moment, it was converted into a ghost, a voice inside him told him “you have to get the soul of five people” first he “took” the soul of his friend, saying the sentence “Trick or treat” all the people ran to their houses, but Hermione stayed there, she was afraid, she stayed because she knew how to save Harry, she just needed something important for him. The mobile ! she said, she ran until she found the mobile, she broke this, Harry regained consciousness but his best friend didn’t, Harry started crying because Robert was dead.

It said that his soul seeked another four to revive, but only in Halloween.