The Haunted Cemetery

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Once upon a time a spider was in a cemetery and it got stuck in a tomb. In thee cemetery the spider turned into a pumpkin. The pumpkin lived in a cemetery and his friends were skulls and ghosts. The friends went to school to scare the children. The pumpkin went with his friends to school. Then they went back to the cemetery, the pumpkin hit a spider and the pumpkin turned into a bat. The bat flew to a haunted house and made new friends. The friends were a vampire, a werewolf and a warlock. The werewolf went to the haunted house and met a dead man. The dead as was green and he ate zombies. The zombies were green and their t-shirts were blue and white. All the pumpkin’s friends went to the cemetery and decided that they wanted to scare all the people in the town.

At the end the werewolf took out a coffin and he went inside it and he died in the coffin. His friends helped the werewolf to get out of the coffin. After that the werewolf went to the city and they scared everyone.


Daniela, 11

Jaime, 11

Javier, 11

Albert, 9