The House of Terror

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A child was with her parent, suddenly the aunt arrived and said that is was Halloween, he invited him and his sister who was 10 years old to go to the House of Terror that was in Arucas.


When they arrived to Arucas, the girl wanted to ride in the shock cars. When he went to the end, his brother Javier went to find to buy and ice cream of vanilla (her favourite) and a sugar cotton.


After eating the gummy bear he entered in the House of Terror. The girl didn’t know that it was of Terror, she entered very prepared and sat down in a wagon that went to all the house.


The first scene was of an old person with a heart attach because he entered to a similar house and scared her and died in that house. And her body was still there.


The girls was scared enough but decided to stay in the wagon holding her brother that was laughing very much.


In the second scene two girls appeared that were dead and that were cursed and were never happy.


The girl, very scared, said to her brother that she wanted to go to her house. The brother called the aunt and they went to their house.


They arrived to the house, the mother had a surprise, some friend had gone to her house and then they went to ask Trick or Treat to the streets.


And they had a good Halloween!


Claudia, 11