The Nightmare

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Yesterday I and my friend went to the enchanted forest because we wanted to see if it was as scary as we thought. When we arrived we saw a queue of a lot of people. When we got inside the doors closed and we heard a voice saying “you will never get out of here” then we started walking in the forest. When we walked a lot of time we saw a witch hat, then we heard a voice and my friend said to me “It’s the same voice as before” later the witch appeared and she locked us in a jail made of magic, then she said “You will die burned by fire” after the floor started to disappear, when we started to fall I heard a shout and I said, I know that voice, then I opened my eyes and I said “That was a nightmare” then my mum arrived to my room and she said “Wake up, you need to go to school” finally I woke up and I went to school.


Alexander, 11