When the Cars are bad.

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It was a rainy night in Texas, when John was driving his 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, but something strange was in the air. The car was an original legend in Nascar and then all this time it was raining. The car had a soul inside, and now, the soul wanted to destroy.

Samuel, 18

John believes he would see morning in the car, when a metal stick left the steering wheel going through his head. Seconds later the blood from John was all over the car and his body, John had been murdered but the car continued moving.

Omar, 17

After 3 days John revived like Jesus, but his legs weren’t in his body because when he died a dog had eaten his legs. The next morning he found the rest of the car, then he bought a backpack in a shop to walk thousands of kilometers to destroy the car with his own hands and get revenge.

Carlos, 15

During his search for the assassin car, he met a woman called Sophia who was a mechanic with incredible skills with cars, she taught John some tricks to beat his 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona. At that moment he was ready to confront the car.

Carla, 17

John continued his way for an hour, then he found a little village, he stopped there to have a coffee in a café. When he was sitting waiting for his coffee he saw a strange man, he had similar marks to the accident he had had. He went and talked to him.

José David, 15

The waiter said to the man “Who are you talking to?” the man answered to the waiter “I am talking to this man” the waiter said “What man ?” the man understood that he had talked to a ghost because he had seen in a newspaper that the man had died in the car.

Lucia, 13

The waiter also saw different things and he was very nervous because he didn’t know what had happened and the people were looking at them because he was talking with the man and the other people couldn’t see this man.

María Xin, 12

Then he was going to buy in a supermarket, and he saw the men who had seen him in the café and they started talking about the accident and the other people looked at him.

Alejandro, 16

While people were looking at the waiter, a group of friends started talking. They were listening and they didn’t understand anything. The group of friends asked other people if this was normal because there was a man talking alone in the middle of the supermarket.

Ylenia, 15

They didn’t think it was normal for him to do that, so one of the waiter’s friends who was also in the supermarket, went up to him and asked him what he was doing. He said that he was talking about people not seeing him enough though he had revived.

Nayara, 14

So, he was confused. The waiter didn’t know why anybody couldn’t see John and he did. So they went to the car and they found a very scary clown next to the car.

Naroa, 12

When they saw the clown in the car a girl next to the clown was playing with a doll without a head. The girl was alone, nobody was talking with her and we started to feel very confused. Then, we left the girl for a minute to call the police, and when we went to see her she wasn’t there.

Elena, 15

There was blood on the floor, the women were very confused because she didn’t take long and the girl didn’t stay there. The police asked her if the clown had gotten wounded as a result of the blood but the clown didn’t have any wound, so that’s why they think the worse.

Nayra, 16

They were going to the police station when suddenly another accident happened in the Main Street and the policeman called other policemen. Three people died. They thought that one group of clowns had caused the accident. It was the worst night in the world.

Ana, 16

The next day because of the problem, many people decided to travel to another country. When they arrived to this country they were very surprised because a city was abandoned. At night, some people started crying because there were many zombies.

Daniel, 18

They didn’t understand anything and went to the street to find people. They walked a lot and were desperate but when they arrived to an abandoned house, they decided to enter because they saw a shadow, and when they were in the kitchen saw one clown next to the table.

Noemi, 15

The clown started laughing, and suddenly, the girl with the doll appeared and closed the door. They said both together “You have done bad boys, the humanity is destroying the world, and now, we are going to destroy you.” The police were scared, and they didn’t understand anything “Take my hand and you’ll be teleported to the past, and I’ll show you everything you have done.”

Antonio, 13

The clown showed the policeman the worst things that he had done. Like when he killed his daughter, his son, his mother and his wife. Then, when the clown and the policeman returned to the present, he decided that he had to commit suicide.

Sergio, 16

But the policeman also revived like Jesus, but all his family was dead, then, when he found out all his family was dead he cut his veins, the clown decided to start doing classical horse riding and one day the clown in a competition of classical horse riding saw John, and the clown killed John’s horse.

Álvaro, 16

Then all the police family revived because Jesus decided but the clown went again and killed all of them with no reason. But John was angry, he went to the place where the clown was and killed him because he was angry because the clown had killed his horse and a lot of innocent people.

Nerea, 14

Then he went home and he celebrated that the clown was dead. However this happiness didn’t last very long because the clown revived a month later. He was very angry because a lot of people were happy so he decided to kill everybody, he would start with the police and his family.

Margarita, 15

Then when the clown killed to the people that he wanted. He continues with his best friend because he didn’t help him, when they had an important exam and the clown didn’t have a good mark.

Angela, 15

Then the Clown killed his teacher because he gave him a bad mark. He wanted to kill and the people who were in the school. Later he went to the government and killed all the people who were there.

Sara, 13