Zombies and Mummies

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It was a night of October and you could feel that is was Autumn. When I arrived at my house I called my friends and we met in the square. We decided that we should visit a haunted house and the cemetery. The leader had talked with his friends to play a joke that could be scary. We went to the cemetery to play a joke to their friends. Mike and Jack hid behind the tombstones so the group of friends when they passed the tombstone would be scared by the group with a mask of a mummy and a Zombie with fangs. They laughed at them and then the group ran away to a haunted house. The group didn’t know where they were. Jack and Mike went after them and they said “It is a prank” Bella hit Mike on his face and she said. “You are a very stupid person”. Suddenly they were surprised because they realized where they were. One of their friends tried to be a hero and he said “Come on we can explore the haunted house” While he was saying that there was a ghost behind him. He asked himself why his friends weren’t there. He ran to his house. And he went to bed. When he was in bed somebody knocked on the door and he went to open the door and he saw a boy that said “trick or treat”.

Miriam, 13

Paula, 14