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From the beginning, man has had the need to measure time, for his own habits and homework.

The first watch to be used was the calendar. Later, they realized that they had the need to know the exact hour. For this reason they created clocks.

The first clock, created by the old Egyptians was of water. Filling a container of water and having time regulars it was clear, thanks to an opening in the inferior part

In 1000 BC in the Middle East they created a sun clock. The shadow of a vertical bollard, falling on a sphere marked evenly moving according to the elapsing of the day.

The candle clock, was created by the English. It consisted in a candle marked with regular half times. The time gauge according, the candle is going to the wax.

In 1957 the bracelet electric clocks appeared. The first clock of the world was the Hamilton Electric. Those clocks were fed thanks to little batteries and functioned by diminutive means, as the devices makes progress the second hand jumps, while correspondent hands, the hours and the minutes move it, , driven by a conventional gear .

Nowadays we see clocks everywhere, in the microwaves, in the DVDs, in the telephones, in the computers, in the GPS, in the TVs. Measuring the time has converted into a human fetish, but for better o worse time will forever control human actions.

By Sara Reyes Leon