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Today, I´m going to talk about the camera. In this text you could find some information about the camera. Lots of people have a camera.

The camera was created in 1839. It´s a machine which captures images when you push down a bottom and then that image would be kept in a space. A camera is an optical instrument. In the camera you can also make videos.

A camera will work with a little light. Some parts of the camera are: lens elements, aperture, electronic sensor, shutter release, data display, viewfinder, those are the basic elements of a modern camera. Like you can see a camera has got lots of elements, for all its functions to work well.

First the images were black and white but now no, they´re in colours. The camera has been growing; each time it has more elements and more functions.

The conclusion is that there are more types of cameras and that they have differences.

By Naroa Rua-Figueroa Mendikute