The Peculiarity of Plastic

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Do you think that plastic is popular? Plastic originated in 1860 when John and Isais Hyatt, two Americans that worked in their laboratory to obtain a new material to manufacture billiard balls.

This invention is a material that is easy to mould. It can also modify its shape with pressure and heat and It can be used to manufacture a wide range of products. Moreover It has a reduced cost in Its manufacturing, good resistance, is waterproof and there is possibility to colour in different shades.

The big problem with this material is the environment because every year a big quantity is manufactured and this makes that many elements elaborated with plastic cause contamination, for example when It goes to the beach and they carry plastic bags and they leave them on the shore.

Personally it is a useful material to elaborate different things but you must also think in the damage that It does to our planet and for it is better to recycle.

By Ángela Falcón