The Wheel

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The Wheel is perhaps one of the most important inventions of history.

Practically any machine built since the industrial revolution, has a wheel. The wheel was invented in the Neolithic, and it serves to transport objects easier. The oldest wheel appeared in Mesopotamia and it’s about five thousand years old.

It has been record that first; people used big rollers under big weight objects to move them. They also put wooden boards under the load to load up the object. Finally, they decided to mix them and because of the weight of the objects, grooves started to appear in the wood, creating axes.

Nowadays, the wheel has improved and it has allowed the creation of new inventions that wouldn’t have been invented without the wheel. Thanks to it, we have got the pulley, another important invention for humanity; the cars, buses, planes and any kind of automobile needs a wheel to move.

By Antonio Fabelo