Morse Code

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Morse code is a method of transmitting text information as a series of on-off tones, lights or clicks. It was developed by Alfred Vail while he was working with Samuel Morse inventing the electric telegraph in 1830.


Vail created a method in which every letter and number is transmitted individually with a consistent code of dots and dashes. To increase the speed of the communication, the code was designed so that the length of each character in Morse varies to its frequency of occurrence in English.


In the beginnings, Morse code was used in telegraph lines through cable runs that were installed. Later on, it was also used in radio transmissions, especially at sea and in the air, until broadcasters and broadcast receivers emerged.


Nowadays, Morse code has an almost exclusive application in the field of amateur radio, and although required knowledge to obtain the license as an amateur radio operator until 2005 was required, later, the agencies which grant the license in all countries are invited to give a telegraphy examination to the candidates.


By Nayara Mendoza