When the first email was sent?

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As with the first phone call, when the first e-mail was sent it marked a historic moment in the world of telecommunications. The message was sent as a test email by Ray Tomlinson in the late 1971, who at that time was a computer engineer. It was sent between two computers which were in the same room, so the recipient ultimately was himself.

Evidenced by millions of users every day, over and over again. We are talking about e-mails, (short for ‘electronic mail’).

In the early days of emails, there was a mail program itself which allowed you to send a message from one user to another; what was done was that the file containing the message we wanted to read as in the CTSS system was placed in a default directory.

Thus, when the recipient wanted to know if he had mail, he entered that directory, and looked if there was anything.

Tomlinson had the idea of creating a program that would send these messages from one computer to another one.

Programs that were originally created were called SNGMSG (to send messages) and readmail (to read).

The first thing Ray did, to test his idea was to send himself a message. Ray does not remember exactly what he wrote in this original message, for he sent himself. In some sources it is noted that perhaps the first message out was “QWERTYUIOP”.

by Daniel Henriquez Montesdeoca