Fibre Optics

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Optical fibre is a transmission medium, usually used in data networks and telecommunications, it is a very fine line of transparent material; glass or plastic materials, by which light pulses that represent data to be transmitted are sent. The light beam is completely confined and propagates inside the fibre at an angle of reflection above the critical angle of total reflection, according to Snell’s law. The light source can come from a laser or LED.

The fibres are widely used in telecommunications, as they allow sending a large amount of data at a great distance, similar to that of the radio and superior speeds to conventional cable speeds. The means of transmission are more advanced, being immune to electromagnetic interference like cables and they are also used for local networks where you need to take advantage of fibre optics over other means of transmission.

The ancient Greeks used mirrors to transmit information, crudely, using sunlight. In 1792, Claude Chappe designed a system of optical telegraphy, which, by using; a code, towers and mirrors it distributed messages over the 200 kms that separate Lille from Paris, it managed to convey a message in just 16 minutes.

By Samuel Diaz