History of Printing Press

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One of the most relevant inventions in our history is the printing press. It was invented around 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg.

Johannes Gutenberg was born in 1400 in Maguncia, First Reich and he died in 1468 at the age of 68. Although, he was one of the most important inventors and he made a crucial invention, Gutenberg was poor and nobody recognized the merit of his discovery.

In that time, people used wood to made clapboard in order to print short leaflets. They wore out very quickly. For that reason, Gutenberg made a matrix that is a mould in which they spill a molten metal. Then the result is a mobile type. They could be used for printing different books many times. To get that, he had to ask Johann Fust for money, who finally was the owner of the business.

The most important book that Gutenberg printed was the Gutenberg Bible. He also printed the Latin grammar and the Catholicon. This invention radically changed the way they made books.


Margarita González Román