The Ball Point Pen

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The pen is a writing instrument. It has a tip, with a steel ball and when it touches the paper it will expel ink while it rotates.

The tip can be a medium or fine diamond. It´s the most popular writing instrument in the world.

Basically it is a plastic tube with ink inside but it has a very important element, the steel ball I commented on before but it is the most important element of the pen because it expels the ink. it is a universal writing instrument.


-Button: opening mechanism

-Paperclip: mechanism to attach to the pocket

-Pointer: bottom of the pen

Ladislao Biro (a Hungarian/Argentine) and his brother Georg, made the pen to replace the feather. This is the story of the pen. Currently there are a lot of them.In conclusion the pen is very important in our life.


Lucía Santana Hernández