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Petrol was created in 1859. Edwin L. Drake the first water well to produce petrol. The Russians drilled water wells between 1806 and 1819, and the Canadian drilled water wells in 1857.

But the people think that petrol is very pollutant, petrol is very difficult to clean up, and its colour and smell are very disgusting. This invention greatly affected wildlife and life. For that reason, the industries should comply with the rules and procedures set, but industries don’t protect the environment, because this protection is very expensive. It comes from deep areas of land or sea.

The petrol has got: 84-87% of carbon, 11-14% of hydrogen, 0-2 of sulfur and 0,2% of nitrogen. We find petrol under pressure and in the subsoil, this was formed millions of year ago, there is a theory that says it comes from living beings, aquatic animals and vegetables and rocks.

The low temperature facilitated the action of the bacteria to transform the slowly organic matter into hydrocarbons with small amounts of other elements. But in our life petrol is very important, because we use it every day, and we need other ideas, for example automatic cars.


By María Quintana